NW Champions League 2016-2017 Season

Dear Team Manager’s & Coaches:

 Welcome to round two of the 2016 Northwest Champions League… when playing in round two you will be required to present the following documents to the referees:

  • US Club Player Cards – required for all game day players

 The game schedules for the weekend are posted on the Got Soccer website:  Here is the link:  http://events.gotsport.com/events/Default.aspx?EventID=52423


   Make sure you check the got soccer link before this week to see if there have been any last minute changes to your schedule.


  1. Roster Updates:  We have pre-approve all teams’ official sanctioned rosters.  We will not require any further check-in process prior to your games this weekend.  However, you will be required to have available your player cards for each game.  The referees will do quick player card check prior to the start of your Champions League games.


If have any changes to your roster, please email us a updated copy of your US Club Roster no later than October 1 or drop us an updated roster prior to your first game.  After the October event, there will be NO roster changes allowed.  Please email updated rosters to Greg Ion at gsion@comcast.net.


Teams qualifying for the March semi-final games will only be allowed to use the roster from the NWCL round two event so please have all names on that roster.  A player who plays up on a U12 team cannot play in the U11 semi-final of the same club if he/or she is not on the U11 roster for the October event.


  1. Equipment at Fields:  Tents and chairs will be provided for the fields 18A 18B 19A 19B 21 22 and 24. Some games on the north complex will NOT have tents available.

The home team is responsible to provide (3) suitable game balls. 06 05  teams use size 4 balls. 04 03 and 02 use size 5 balls. 


  1. Scoring:  Do not forget to have your game number when calling in the score.

·         Winning team is responsible for calling in the scores after each game.

 Please note the following when calling in your scores:


Got Soccer call in number:  904-758-0875

Step 1 – press 1 to record your score

Step 2 – enter your  Event ID 52423#

Step 3 – enter your event pin #:  Pin number:  2486#

Step 4 – enter your game number, followed by the # sign

Step 5 – follow instructions.


  1. Finals Weekend:  The finals will be played in March 3-5 weekend , and the qualifying winners will advance to the National Finals in 2016.


Here is the qualification for the Girls groups. Semi and Finals

  • 06 Girls – Top 2 bracket A and top 2 from bracket B qualify for the semi finals games
  • 05 Girls- Top group winners (4 groups) qualify for the semi finals games
  • 04 Girls- Top group winners (4 groups) qualify for the semi finals games
  • 03 Girls- Top 2 bracket A and Top 2 from bracket B qualify for the semi finals games
  • 02 Girls-Top 2 bracket finishers will play in the Finals


  1. Parking:

·         South Lot (paved) – There will be a $10 weekend fee to park in the South Lot, fields 18a 18b 19a 19b 21 22 24


  1. Warm Up:  Field 17 and field 20 are closed. Please do not warm up on those fields.  Please do all warm up between the fields.  Please always stay out of the Goal mouths.


  1. NW CHAMPIONS T-SHIRTS available youth size- adult size baby blue and Grey

If you have any concerns over the league weekend, you may text Greg Ion at 253-576-8711.  Any questions in advance of the weekend, please email Greg Ion at  gsion@comcast.net 


Thanks, and have a great time playing in the NWCL League.  Best of luck to your team…




Greg Ion





Schedule for NWCL Semifinals & Finals
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